Thursday, February 8, 2018

About JKakes


We are working on this page to provide to you more information, as well as, photos about our special project we call JKakes

The product:

The 'K' in Kakes is for Kindness and also because all the kakes are made from paper. The product consists of greeting cards that feature stamped postcards inside them as well as 'Kakes' made from paper and boxes.

About JKakes:

This project originally began 2 years ago with one question from my daughter Joi.
"Mommy, why do we give gifts at Christmas?'
I quickly told her that our gift to Jesus on his birthday is to share with others. I also told her that a gift doesn't have to be something you buy. It can be your time and/or skill. So we started coloring and as we did so, I thought about boxing day and how that event began. For those of you who don't know... Boxing day was something started by the rich. After Christmas day, if there was any cloth, food or toys from the day's festivities, the remainder was boxed up, tied with ribbon and given to the servants. As the years progressed, the idea evolved and now it is tradition to box up things after Christmas and give it to the poor, preferably right after Christmas.

An idea was forming in my head but I was not sure what it was, but a couple of months later, I was told that my cousin died and I knew I wanted to memorialize her in some way. I made a hand drawing of some blank cakes and Joi took to it. I realized that this form of creativity was her way of sharing her love with us. As I colored with her, I thought of my cousin and how much she loved children. She died before she could become a mother. It felt like a hole was left where she was in my life and the name was instant in my mind... Joi and Jesus Kakes.  So I planned that I would create this project for my little Joi and my cousin, Lynn  My budget for JKakes is next to 0, but I'm still moving forward with the design. I've made up my mind that whether or not JKakes is a success, I plan to continue this project of love. I know it is the right thing to do every time in look in my Joi's eyes.

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